Welcome to my blog! I started this blog as a place to document my journey as a photographer. It's evolved over the last couple of years to include some random musings and a glimpse of what's going with me. If you have any feedback, comments or thoughts, please leave them! Just below you will find quick links to categories of my work. Enjoy!


Once again, epic fail in the blogging department...

I really, honestly thought that after school I'd somehow find time to blog. Apparently not since it's been TWO MONTHS. And the best thing that's happened in those two months... I became an auntie!!!!!! I have two brothers and my husband has three brothers, but no babies until my brother-in-law and his lovely wife welcomed their little girl earlier this month.

Cora Belle

The whole family is so totally in love with her. Even my sweet husband, who normally doesn't enjoy babies, totally adores her. We are so blessed.


I really sucked at blogging this month... | Kent Dog Photographer

So to get back in the swing of things, meet Wesley Green the brown, sometimes emo (growing out of this) dog. My brother adopted him a couple of months ago and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He was pretty shy and skittish at first, but he's really started to settle in. They came out last night to celebrate my graduation (woot woot!) and I got this shot of Wes -

Isn't he such a love???? I want to keep him, but being gone 11-12 hours a day is just mean to a pup.


It's already June 24th?

I really thought that with the end of spring quarter I'd find more time for blogging... Alas that was not the case. I still have one little thing (if you call translating Latin little) to do to complete my BA in Liberal Studies. But coming up pretty soon here, I'll be a real, official college graduate! WOOT!

Me with my sweet husband after the commencement ceremony. :)

I cannot WAIT for mid-July when all studying ceases for a few months!!!!!!!!! (Note, I didn't say forever! ;) More on that later.)


Awaiting Cora | Lacey Maternity Photographer

Disclaimer: Apparently I have a thing for caps in this post... I promise I'm not shouting. ;) I'm just super excited. :D

This is the third of the 3 promised posts before the end of May... JUST in time!

I didn't mention it in my back to blogging post, but my brother-in-law and his gorgeous wife are making an appearance on the blog again because... THEY'RE HAVING A BABY GIRL! Well, okay, *she's* having the baby, but he helped. :P And she's having a GIRL! That's a big deal in the family we married into... They're all boys! Yes, my mother-in-law lives to tell the tales of raising 4 boys. And they're all fabulous guys. :) There's something special about starting off the next generation with a little girl. Everyone is PUMPED!

We set the date for their maternity session weeks ago, thinking that by the THIRD WEEK OF MAY that spring would have shown up to stay. Alas, not the case in Western WA. At least 70% of the time that I look at the weather app on my phone, I get 6 days straight with rain. So of course, while it was decent on the drive from Kent to Lacey, the rain came harder and harder. Thankfully, they arrived a little bit after we did, so I scouted the park and the rain started to let up! Woot!

One of my favorite things about shooting close friends and family is that I KNOW when I get a real, honest smile out of them. Now, I may have had to draw attention to holding the reflector between my knees to get said smiles, but it was totally worth it. ;)

On our way back to their house, I found myself turning around in my seat saying to my husband, "Look how PERFECT the light is right now!!!!!" We made it back to their house, snuck down the property line between two houses to pop out onto the golf course for just a few minutes. We barely caught the end of the light. I'm glad I dragged her out there!